smart turnkey manufacturing services

60 Years of Expertise

Aharon Yosef is a leading provider of a wide range of smart turnkey manufacturing services under one roof. With over 60 years of expertise, our professional team has been working with companies of all sizes, from local start-ups to large international conglomerates providing them with custom made solutions meeting strict standards.

one-stop shop

Everything under one roof

Founded in 1958, Aharon Yosef accompanies its customers through all production stages from product specification, development completion, prototype production to the implementation of production.

The company is a one-stop shop for all metal works including sheet metal fabrication, machining, welding, integration and manufacturing engineering services.

We have proved our ability to carry out complex projects for foreign corporations committed to reciprocal procurement and to innovative and brilliant entrepreneurs looking to realize their dream.

turnkey service

Turning concepts into finished products

Aharon Yosef is ready to meet any challenge requiring technical skills, flexibility, meeting strict deadlines resulting in unique and complex assemblies. Our customers benefit from a wide variety of services turning concepts into finished products.

The company serves its customers by offering a turnkey service delivering fully finished components and integrated assemblies. Aharon Yosef operates a 18,000 sqm. world class manufacturing smart facility, offering state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication, machining, electro-mechanical assembly and finishing services according to customer requirements and specs.

Aharon Yosef specializes and support in both Build to Spec and Build to Print. We provide advanced engineering services including design to cost and prototype development, process optimization to implementation of manufacturing.

We accompany our clients from the design stage, product development, engineering and mechanics to manufacturing, finishing, logistics, supply and distribution.

The company is constantly striving to preserve its leading position by adopting the latest technology developments and using the most modern equipment available globally. Our highly skilled and experienced team is committed to the flexibility, speed and reliability.

Aharon Yosef serves customers in diverse industries including industry, medical equipment, renewable energy, transportation and railways, agritech and foodtech, robotics, electronics and more.